Sunday, February 10, 2013

Zebra Butterfly Elephant

This manicure was done as an entry to a nail art competition at kelsie's nail files. According to the rules of the contest the mani had to be inspired by a picture on kelsie's pinterest board. I chose this one:
As you can see it's a zebra butterfly elephant (or something). This was (quite obviously) very hard to do. Especially since I haven't done a competition entry in ages (because of the 30 day challenge). Anyway here are some photos of the result.
Well, it's not one of my best creations. But, keep your fingers crossed.
A few months ago cult nails had a nail art competition. With the prize of $100 worth of their products. I favorited it, thought about a design, wrote the date down on a post-it. All because I didn't want to miss it. I still missed it. I have been beating myself up about it ever since. The prize of the competition held at kelsie's nail files has a prize from cult nails as well. So, I thought it's a great chance the get my hands on some polishes. One can only hope :)

EDIT: I forgot to add the polishes I used.
They are:
"346" by Yes Love (black)
"01" by Moment Make-up (white)
"612" by Yes love (light blue)
"Beach Green " by Kiss (green)
"k030" by Yes Love (pink)
"Party All Night Long" by essence (dark pink jelly with iridescent glitter)
"Ready to Go" by Douglas (orange with gold shimmer)


  1. wow that's so cool! such a strange picture.. reminds me of a painting I did off of a painting. It had giraffes, zebras a macaw, and a black panther but the animals were all pretty much weird colors and I painted some of the giraffe spots as mushrooms because I was obsessed with mushrooms at the time. not the drug LOL :P anyway, really cool and I love your manicure!

  2. I love it! That's a great idea. And I'd also like to mention the pinky finger - I kind of love that one the most, though the elephant/whatever is gorgeous :)

  3. That is fantastic! It really shows off how talented you are! Best of luck

  4. That is amazing! It looks beautiful.

  5. That's beautiful. Congrats on winning!

  6. I just saw this on Kelsie's blog - it's lovely! Congratulations!