Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sweet Summer Days

This is a review of #MLS301 stamping template from Born Pretty Store.

I really love this template, the designs are absolutely adorable. I have to apologise for the really sucky clean up, but in my defence I was rushed into this and I didn't have the proper tools with me. Also, I had to play monopoly with the photographer while top coating and cleaning up.
Gosh, I've had so much sweets the past month, my thickening thighs are plotting revenge.
And here is my little 6-year old photographer. Who turned out to be the only one within a 500 metre radius willing to pick up a camera.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Multicrome Glitter Nail Polish Review

Gosh, my last post was 10 days ago,  I have been trying to find functioning cameras for a while and testing them, so I have completely forgotten to make any posts. I left my own camera in Spain knowing that my grandfather buys a new camera every three years and the whole place is filled with them. All different sizes and looks, one older than the other. I have like 4 ancient cameras on my nightstand. Surprisingly, not many of them work, or have been lent to someone. So I am left using a pentax k10d that works only when and where it wants to, complete with a SD card that only saves about half of the pictures. Enough of chatting,  time to get to the actual review.
I am reviewing a translucent glitter polish from born pretty store. See here.
The polish has a gorgeous multicrome shine. Would make a simple french mani angelic. The polish smelt quite cheap, but preformed well, the brush was a bit fanned out which I didn't like. It dried in 4,5 min.

Shiny shiny polish
You can buy this polish for 7.99 from here.

Friday, August 16, 2013

How Unicorns are Made

This is a review of Born Pretty Store's holographic nail polish.
Some time ago Born Pretty Store made their first collection of nail polishes, and to celebrate that, they gave away 200 bottles of it, I was one of the lucky winners. And got myself a bottle in 11#.
I have tried a few holographic polishes, but this one impressed me the most. I don't know if it's the formula or this color brings out the glitter more. The formula was great, I used 3 coats for the pictures. Unfortunately, I forgot to measure the drying time, and I didn't bring it with me on vacation. I don't even know if anyone actually cares for the dry time anyway :). Now, to conclude this post here is my really lame attempt at being funny :D.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Golden Bridal Nail Art Tutorial

Okay okay okay, I know I was supposed to post this Monday, well I actually did write it on Monday. But, I clicked save instead of publish. I have been without Internet access ever since Monday. So when I finally logged on in horror I realized the post never got out. Sorry about that.
I have never been too eager to film a tutorial. Generally just because I haven't watched a single nail art video tutorial in about half a year. They are always way too long and waaaaay too boring. So I have tried to make my video as short and fast paced as possible. Also note that I did the video just before going on vacation and as I have told you I cut my nails off. But I felt quite bad about having nude nail on camera, so I did a few coats of Shooting Stars by Maybelline, an absolutely amazing blue (Maylelline's polka dot collection is the most gorgeous thing ever.) Enjoy the video.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wedding Nail Art Ideas for Quirky Brides

I know the standard wedding design is the french tip. Now, If you have ever met me, you'd know that the french just won't cut it for me. So I prepared a nail wheel of colorful wedding nail art. I actually think colorful designs would spice up a simple white dress very nicely.
I actually planned on making video tutorials for all of them, I was so pissed off in the end of the first one that I wouldn't even consider making a new one. I had my window open, and a breeze made a book I was using to support my "tripod",fell on the nail wheel with the top coat still wet and I had to do the design again and there was nail polish everywhere. I did however get a full video and I will be posting it later today. The video is of the design 19. I numbered them after painting. I got so impatient with the last three designs that I just did something so the nail wouldn't be bare. Oh, and designs 1,3,6,10,14,20 are 3d.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Geisha Nail Art

It amazes me how much did the guest bloggers write. I newer know what to write, to me the perfect post would be the picture and title. Or maybe text if I am explaining a technique. Speaking of techniques, a few days ago I asked you what you thought about the salt painted nails. I got a lot of positive answers, and I'd love to do a tutorial on it. But unfortunately (fortunately for me) I am on vacation and I can't make a tutorial here. So, that would have to wait.
These one nail designs are really growing on me. Kind of like a nail painting. Sounds fancy doesn't it :)