Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Spanish Beauty Expo Part1

A few days ago I went to my very first beauty expo. It was actually rather small but it was a great experience. Prepare to have your computer crashed by huge amounts of pictures.

The expo had nearly everything related to beauty. There even were important competitions in hair, full body make-up and nails.

Oooooh the nail competition. Could it really be as good as that. A national competition at my front door. Of course it can't. All you had to do was to create a simple acrylic french manicure. As you probably know I hate french manicures (although I love twists). But, the problem was that you had to be licenced, and the licence had to be at least 5 years old. Oh, well. I still got loads of compliments for my work (I made myself a portfolio and carried it along with me).
Here's a little picture of something I like to call "heaven". What could be better then hundreds of different colors of nail polish at amazing prices. The whole expo was packed with EVERYTHING you could possibly need for nails. Well, they didn't have leather effect nail polish. Which I actually didn't expect, but I still had some hope :)
Look at the most awesome nail stickers ever made. The details are mind blowing.
There were also live tutorials made by the biggest professionals of the area. This picture showcases snake skin nails made with acrylic and gel. Made by Fina Gomez, who is the current Spanish champion. Fina Gomez be afraid, be very afraid because there is a nail tech on the loose and she is heading for your title.
At nearly every nail stall there were techs that did one nail on each client to show what they are capable of. And to advertise their nail courses and how the products worked. I met a woman that was determined to get all of her nails done at different stalls. She succeeded but some of her nails had acrylic tips of 6 cm the other had no extension. So all of her nails looked completely different.
All of the nail techs also had amazing nail art. Although there was a overpowering stile of looong acrylic nails with one stroke flowers. I will do another post tomorrow to show you more of the beauty expo.


  1. Wow, this all looks amazing, can't wait to see more!

  2. Born pretty store has water decals that look exactly like those nail stickers!