Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Spanish Beauty Expo Part 4

This is what I am guessing to be a entry to some kind of contest, or a walking product display. As you can see her nails, make/up and hair are all well done, so she could easily be a entry to any contest. This person hated me (well, a lot of people got seriously sick of me and my camera). She just didn't let me take a photo.
Did I mention that there was also a hair competition? I missed it. I only got one picture :(. When I arrived the expo was surrounded with hair models. Ones hair weirder than the others.

This is another entry to the hair competition.

Here is a photo of a graffiti dress. It was just standing on a mannequin in a corner. As they didn't sell clothes at the expo I am guessing this is for another competition.

I witnessed another runaway show, but I don't know the theme. Anyway, I hope you liked the expo posts. I will do a haul post sometime soon.

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