Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rainbow Nail Art

Oh, wow, I haven't had any new posts in ages. I feel so bad. I didn't ever notice the time going by. Anyway here is a photo of my rainbow nails. They are kind of my version of the dark side of the moon.

The rainbow looks great on black. The rhinestones were all from different companies. They looked exactly the same without top coat. But with it you can see the difference very clearly. I was so desperate for perfect-sized rhinestones that I tore some off of an old shirt of mine. Believe it or not those look a lot better than the ones made for nails. As you can probably see from the pictures, I applied the glitter very heavily. When I use glitter I always make sure that I overdo it.
These were an entry to a competition at: Get..Set..Blush!!. Anyway, I won, yaaaaay.


  1. it has been changed to http://getsetblush.blogspot.in

    1. Ok, I will change the link in the post :)

    2. and here is your entry :)


  2. Love that rainbow! And all the glitter!