Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Superficially Colorful Laquer- Fascinated Review

This is the last most favorite of the Superficially Colorful polishes. It's light blue when hot and dark (purplish)blue when cold. Non opaque and with a satin finish like all of the rest. Dried in 1,5 min. I don't think that I have mentioned it but all of the polishes had a thinnish texture and were easy to apply.

Superficially Colorful Laquer- Impulsive Review

Thos one is a glittery dark green when cold and a light green when warmed. Satin finish, quite translucent, dries in 1,5 min, bla bla bla, swaches.

Superficially Colorful Laquer- Provocative Review

I am continuing my reviews on the five mood polishes I got from  Superficially Colorful. 
It's a glittery dark purple with a satin finish. In theory it's supposed to turn light (maybe even blueish) purple. However in my case it didn't. I am guessing it's from a bad batch. Nevertheless, it dried in 1,5 min, was easy to apply and not very opaque.

There is a slight difference, but it's not what it looked in Superficially Colorful's blog. Overall it's a very nice shade of purple.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Superficially Colorful Laquer- Daring Review

Here is the second polish I got from Superficially Colorful was Daring. It's a matte/satin simmering orange and yellow. A perfect bright color for summer. It is quite thin and easy to apply. It dried in 1,5 minutes. Quite translucent and  very moody. Two coats are shown in the photos.

Superficially Colorful Laquer-Giggly Review

Today I have a couple of very special polishes to show you. I won these from a nail art competition at Superficially Colorful. She sent me 5 gorgeous mood polishes. The first one up is Giggly.

This is the first indie polish I have ever tried. It is so pretty. When warm it is a glittery barbie pink. And when cold it is a quite dark glittery purple. The polish has a matte or satin finish. In the pictures I am wearing two

coats of Giggly with one coat of top coat. One coat of the polish dried in 1,5 minutes. The polish was too thin for my liking. But it was rather easy to apply. As you can see from my grand and amazing opacity test U+21E8.gif
the polish was quite translucent.

This is the polish when heated.
This is the polish naturally. I love it, it looks like a brush-on gradient.
The polish when cold. You should have seen the pain it took to get this picture. With 40 degrees Celsius 
(140 F) here it was like being constantly flipped of by a bottle of nail polish.

Unfortunately you can't buy these, but hey, I am guessing Jin Jit from Superficially Colorful could be persuaded. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Anti Vegetarian Nail Art

I'm not a vegetarian. I also have nothing against those who are. It's just that they are sooo passionate about it, and they generally like to shove their beliefs in other people's faces. Have you ever invited someone over for dinner without knowing that thay don't eat meat? Probably not, because vegetarians just won't hesitate to tell everyone about it. 
Unfortunately you can barely see the writing on the signs. The signs are (from left to right) vegans are evil, eat meat, I have feelings, I have a heat too, don't be mean to greens, potato. I adore the carrot in the middle, I mean seriously, this is one determined carrot. It looks like it's staring straight through your soul. Imagine sleeping at night and waking up to a carrot in the corner of your room staring at you like that. Well, I for one would start doubting my sanity. Also, see the most awesome anti vegetarian image ever made:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crazy Cat Lady Nails + Borm Pretty Store Review

A few weeks ago I posted a list of my favorite products from Born Pretty Store, which included the stamping plate QA15. Which I an going to review now.
I really love the choice of stamping plates at Born Pretty, the always display clear images of what you will be getting. I chose this on because of the awesome full nail patterns and adorable little kitties. And who wouldn't want to cover their nails in kittens :). The plate was fully covered in teal plastic film, and packed in bubble wrap. As you can see it arrived in perfect shape. Please ignore my fingerprints at the top of the plate :)
The perfect Christmas sweater nails done in just a few seconds. I would never had the patience to actually freehand these.
And, of course I can't stick to just stamping. So, I made cat lady nails (you know, the cat lady from the Simpsons!). The cat lady unfortunately covered almost the whole pattern, you can only see a small purple +.
I also like the originality of cat lady nail art, I mean who would paint a grumpy old lady on their nails. Well I have and I love it :D.

Overall, I was very pleased (or even impressed) with the stamping plate. If you would like to buy this item, you can find it here, also don't forget to use my coupon code SCL91 (which you can see on my sidebar). 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Bunny Nails

Yes, I do realize that Easter is over, and I am totally late with this design. As I have mentioned before, I have problems with doing nail art in theme with the date. Believe it or not, this time I actually finished this design 3 days before Easter. But I had entered a competition which forbade publishing the pictures before the results were in. In case you were wondering, I got first place yaaay (the competition had four sections, I won the "paint and polish art" section). So, now all the the winners and the runner ups are uploaded here, to determine the final winner. The final winner will get a HUGE chocolate egg. (which can be seen here.)
 Now, please go vote :D. If i win.... I .....will... hmm....hmmm....  How about, if I win I will start a new nail art tutorial challenge?? Anyone interested in that?
(To vote got to this page here, you have to like the page first, and then click vote on my design.)