Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Spanish Beauty Expo Part 3

In this part I will show you pictures from a full body makeup competition at the expo.

When compared to nails, the makeup part of the expo was rather small. The only makeup stalls there were had all of their staff painting someone.

The runway was rather dark and the models moved very fast, so you have to excuse the foggy photos. 
Unfortunately I have no idea who I should give the credit of this makeup look. 
I can't help but to notice that you can totally see the underwear. But otherwise the look is good.

 On the second photo you can see her blowing at some confetti, she had three bowls of that and blew it in every possible direction. She also had a bowl of fake leaves, which she played around with.

The butterfly makeup was actually a hit. You could also easily see that she thought the same since she crept on the stage every second she could. 

This is a gangnam stile makeup. It ćame complete with the perfect imitation of the dance and confetti guns.
I really hope this one won, the dance was spotless.
This one I actually missed since I arrived late. The stage was surrounded with literally about a hundred people, I had to shove myself behind the sitting rows in the front of the catwalk. And guess what at one point of the show one person in the first row simply decided that she should stand up. yeeeees it's always good to stand in front of the the majority of the photographers. I was sooo close to throwing something at her. Luckily she didn't completely ruin pictures of any of the designs.

This one I also missed in the beginning I got a shot after. 
The biggest mystery of the show was that there were some people with amazing makeup just watching the show. I saw the whole process of the making of this design. It took ages, they started when the expo doors opened and finished a bit before the closing. This was my definite favorite from the makeup.
This one was made along with the first one. Which for some reason also didn't join the show. I am guessing that these wera made just to sow how the their products worked.

This was also made to demonstrate products. I have no idea of what this is supposed to look like, but it's done great. Someone let me know where to get her shoes, because I have fallen deeply in love with them.
I am also making a 4th part tomorrow and a haul post after that. I have no topic for tomorrow just some pictures that didn't fit in the previous posts.

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