Monday, February 4, 2013

30 Days of French Twist, day 29- Caviar French

Well, it's not actually a caviar french, but I did use micro beads to do it.
As it turns out some/most of my readers think that I love french manicures, and that's why I am doing tutorials. That's wrong. I hatehatehatehate french manicures they are sooo boooring. I am doing a french twist challenge to give people ideas to avoid doing the classical french. In my opinion the french manicure is like the definition of fake. I think so because all the false nails I have ever seen in a store come with the white and beige french.
Also another reason I started making tutorials was that I have a lot of french tip guidelines and didn't know what to do with them. Yes, it's as simple as that :)

  1. Paint nail nude.
  2. Paint a edged blue french tip.
  3. Glue on a rhinestone.
  4. Surround the rhinestone with micro beads. (the micro beads are stuck on with top coat.)
  5. Cover up the line between the blue and the nude with micro bead swirls.
  6. Top coat+enjoy


  1. WOW, Great mani! I have Giveaway in my blog. Enter if you like it:

  2. Love this look. Your paint jobs are an inspiration to grow my nails out. Plus, your step by step photos are amazing. So much easier than a video or lots of multiple large photos, don't have to try and pause it at the right moment or scroll down. Simple clean and straight forward. Thank you.