Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Creepy Doll Nails + Born Pretty Giveaway

The giveaway would have looked so lonely, so I added some nails too to the post.
I miss the times when I only did creepy Halloween designs. As it was a few months before starting this blog, not many designs have survived. The wires are stamped on with Born Pretty black stamping polish and the Bundle Monster BM-323 template.

And now for the giveaway:
I am holding this giveaway to celebrate Born Pretty Store being awesome.
The prize is a $20 gift certificate to and provided by Born Pretty Store.
The giveaway is international. It will start on the 30th of May and will end on the 18th of July.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Scrach Magazine Graffiti nails

Graffiti nails, again?
Yep, I can't help it, I love graffiti. Also, I happen to live in a small town with amazing graffiti.
I did these about 2 months ago, for a magazine cover competition. Well that would have been amazing (I lost, of course).I still like the design so I thought I'd post it here,and perhaps get some consolation on my lose :).

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Born Pretty Store Stamping Polish Review

I have received some black nail art stamping polish from Born Pretty Store
This polish is a great alternative to konad stamping polish. As a great bonus it comes with half the price. It's very opaque and sticky. It takes a bit more time to dry than regular polish,which is a good thing when it comes to stamping. 
This design is from the BM-311 bundle monster stamping plate. The only problem I have with this polish is that if smudges in like 0,5 out of 10 times. But I actually really like this polish, it is a looot better than using regular polish. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Super Simple Nail Art Ideas for Prom

Prom really isn't celebrated as much in here as in America. However some friends of mine are having their "prom"(by prom I just mean dressing up and having something party-ish close to graduation) this year. so I have been doing a lot of online prom dress shopping. So I thought I would do a post on my favorite prom dresses from and some super simple nail art ideas to go with them.

This dress can be found here. Overall I like this dress a lot. The cut and the design is very unique.
And here are my nails inspired by it. First of all I did a red and pink gradient, then I topped it with red glitter. So simple.
You can find this dress here. The top part of this dress caught my attention, with all the glitter and the pearls. I also love the light purple of the bottom part. Also a very unique dress.
Aaand my nails. The coloring is a bit off, but it does look like the dress design in my opinion.

You can find the dress here. Oh, I adore the long black see through bottom. This one is probably my favorite.
I did a simple silver half moon to go with the dress.

You can find the dress here. Unfortunately I have no mani to go with this one. But I still really like the dress.
You can find the dress here. This is also one of my favorites. I love the gems on the shoulder and the pretty blue color.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Born Pretty Store Water Decal Review

In addition to the awesome black water decals I got from Born Pretty Store, which I reviewed a few days ago. I also got some colorful flower decals (BOP 192-195).

I am actually not much of a flower loving kind of girl. But I instantly fell in love with the rainbow roses, knowing that I will never be able to paint anything close to that.
The roses are so detailed. They were also easy to apply and they were a bit stiffer and stronger than the last ones I reviewed.
Looook how pretty the colors are..
I also went thought the trouble to create another design.
I don't know why, but, I did. I guess it's proof that these are really easy to apply and get in the correct spot. My pointer, middle and pinkie finger are what happens if I am in the same room with a plant for more than a week. I have actually tried raising some plants before. My last plant growing project didn't go so well. I mean, I literally dried a cactus. Seriously, dried into a thin dry stick. I actually have a picture of it.
Returning to topic, I am very pleased with this product.
You can buy these here, if you do don't forget about my cupon code SCL91.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Graffiti Nail Art

A few days ago I received the RuiZ05 stamping plate from Born Pretty Store.

You have got to love the fun designs on stamping plate. It made m think of graffiti. The template worked really well and overall I was very pleased with it.

The background was done with the watercolor technique. Looks great, doesn't it? To do the cards and the skull, I stamped first with white (for the cards) and white and blue (for the skull). Later I stamped again with black.
You can buy these here. And if you do don't forget about my coupon code SCL91.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Born Pretty Water Decal Review

I have been experimenting with some water decals from Born Pretty Store.
This is the design 188 Used on top of a french tip. This is the only one of the decals that I actual used as a french (like it was meant to be used).

 This is the design D189. It looks like a chessboard on LSD. This is my personal favorite. The design wasn't actually big enough to cover the whole nail so  some part of it is hand painted. Don't you dare criticise my sloppy lines, how about you try painting 2 millimeter squares.
This is the design D190. I have Just found out that I have a mode on my camera which detects glitter and automatically makes these star shaped thingies. One of the most useless functions on my camera but works great for this design.
This is the design D191. I really love this. The gold looks amazing and the gradient goes really well with the design.

Overall I was very pleased with these designs. They were really easy yo use. And they make nail art soooo much easier. I think I finished fourth design in 20 min. I kind of went with my instincts with the application but here is a short guide to waterdecaling (yes, that is a word now).

  1. Paint your nails any color and wait until completely dry.
  2. Cut out the desired design. (For the french tip I actually only used half of a decal per nail).
  3. Remove plastic from the decal.
  4. Soak the decal with the paper in water for about 20 sec.
  5. Slide the decal of with your finger and place on a nail. (you may also use tweezers for this, but I found my fingers easier to use.)
  6. Top coat+enjoy.
You can buy the decals form here. And don't forget about my cupon code  SCL91 wich will give you a 10% discount.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

90's Cartoon Nail Art

I did some cartoon themed nail art a while ago for a competition on instagram (didn't win)(excuse the hashtag). So, I thought I'd share the design here.