Monday, February 18, 2013

The Spanish Beauty Expo Part 2

In part two I will concentrate on the nail art at the expo.

These are done by Carmen Casillas. Gothic nail art was supposed to be a huge trend in Barcelona. I have nothing against it since these look awesome. I am definitely trying these, the second I get the necessary equipment. I would also like to point out that the extended nail bed looks kind of weird (just look at the thumb.) 

 Yes yes, I know I promised to have a nails only post this time, but I wanted you to put a face to the next two pairs of nails. Note that the totally cute book that one of the girls is holding is my portfolio.

These are the nails of the brunette girl. As you can see from the previous picture she was running around in a tutu. Which was probably some kind of uniform. Her job was to walk around the expo and give people pamphlets of their services. She was really nice and a total fan of my nail art :D. However her freakishly long rainbow fake lashes were a sight.

These are the nails of the blond girl who you can also see next to the brunette. I think hers look a lot better. I have something for black stilettos. Does anyone own a explication or tutorial regarding to how the pinkie nail of the second picture was made?
Here is a abstract flower design by Cristobal Cervera. I still can't get over the fact that these were done by  a guy. Glittery flowers?? Come on I do more mascular designs. 

Here's a pretty and glittery design featuring a ballerina holding a rhinestone. Pretty. I think it is safe to say that stilettos strongly overpowered the event.
Gel nail art by Olga Prokhorenko. Prettyprettypretty booooooring.
And with these pictures I am finishing my second beauty expo post. I hope you have enjoyed the post and the nails. Tomorrow I will be posting pictures of full body makeup.

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  1. Wow, these are all so beautiful. Can't wait to see the makeup :D