Saturday, November 30, 2013

Melting Butterflies

This is a review for black-pink mood gel from Born Pretty Store.
Who was the sharp mind that decided to make gel heat sensitive. As if gel wasn't sheer enough. I hate this product, it provides minimal color and is really thick. I would say I am disappointed in this product, but its a heat sensitive gel, why did I even expect coverage. Then again maybe it's just this color, the others may work great, but I wouldn't risk it. I got it in black-pink, the black looks something gray-ish and the pink is lot lighter than it should be. 
It does look pretty good in the design though.(It's the gray). This is the gel when cold.
And here is a photo of it when warm (it's the light pink). I used water steam to heat my nails, as a result the steam turned my recently applied top coat matte, which is kind of cool :)

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