Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little Fishy Knows the Deal

Guess who is giving a course within 200 km of where I live. My one and only idol and nail art mastermind Pisut Masanong. My ultimate goal is to one day be as skilled as him, and  it's what inspires me to keep doing nails. I have dreamed of this opportunity for ages. Unfortunately, I as an unemployed teen definitely can't afford the course (it's 450€), so I will not be attending. Noooooo. Which is absolutely heartbreaking *sniff*. But, oh well what can I do :(.
Oh, and here is a little design to accompany my dramas. This is quite a old design, which reminds me, I burned my pointer finger and it looks horrible, so I won't be photographing any new designs in a week or so. I have like just now realized that the picture and the text are both about money, the matching was in no way intended.


  1. It is really a big drama, I can understand!.... Btw I think that you are really really talented and you don't need any additional training. I hope this can console you a bit! :-)

  2. Sad you can't go, but not only you already do insanely incredible pieces, I'm sure you'll be given another opportunity ;) The nail Lord will certainly provide, considering your talent!
    FANTASTIC fishie manicure! <3

    1. Thanks for the nice comment! Oh, and I am so going to be using the term "nail lord" daily from now on.