Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Look in the Past- Day 4: Gradients and Flowers

This was my first attempt at a gradient, and like 2nd attempt at stamping. I remember I had bought the cheapest set of stamping plates scraper and stamper. I was so disappointed when the stamps came out bad. Of course at that point I had no idea of what I was doing wrong. Now that I have kind of mastered stamping I can say that I was doing pretty much everything wrong.
I hate swirls. Okay, well I love swirls but suck at painting them. The problem is that swirlable brushes are really hard to find. And by really I mean really really really. So I used toothpicks for this design.

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  1. For using toothpicks, it turned out really well! I would of never guessed anyway. Beautiful!