Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Look in the Past- Day 2: Owls

Today I have a owl mani to show you. It was inspired by a cutepolish'es owl nail art tutorial. I used to be such a cutepolish fan. I am pretty sure that she triggered my nail craze. I remember going through her channel super impressed, wondering where the heck did she get such an amazing talent for nails. The photo above is of my second attempt at nail art (I did pandas as a first, but I don't have pictures of the design.) I was sooo proud of getting this done. Oh, and this was February 2012.
Aand here is the redone version. To tell you the truth I have grown to hate cutepolish over the years. Not because of anything she has done. But because members of her fan club keeps accusing people who have dared to do something in a similar theme as her of copying.

1 comment:

  1. The second one is something incredible!
    And I can't understand the attitude to accuse someone to 'copy' a nail art.... especially when this person is sharing a tutorial, that is made exactly for the purpose to share an idea...
    Internet is a strange place :-)