Monday, January 14, 2013

30 Days of French Twist, day 8- The Glitter Gradient

Well actually I don't think this design is listed under gradient. It's sort of gradient ombre glitter thingy. Someone PLEASE explain the difference between gradient and ombre.
Anyway, this is a super easy design but I love it. When I am in a hurry but want paint my nails I always choose this design. It also works for a design with an accent nail (I mean as with the accent nail, not as the accent nail).

  1. Paint nail black.
  2. Do a glitter gradient tip (I do believe this is not very well explained. So here is the looong version. You need loose glitter, a medium sized nail art brush and top coat. Dip the brush into the top coat, make sure the top coat isn't dripping from the brush, get enough to cover the brush thickly. Dip the top coated brush into the loose glitter. You should have a brush full of something that looks like a very thick   glitter polish. Place the brush at the end of the nail to make the tip, with brush strokes from the tip to the cuticle.)
  3. top coat+enjoy.
Oh, whoa, that's a lot of text.

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  1. Ooh, that's pretty!

    A gradient is an effect on each nail - blending different colours (or finishes) along the length of the nail. An ombre is where each nail is a differet colour within the same colour family, going from (say) pale pink at one end to dark pink at the other. Of course, you could have an ombre gradient too, where each nail has a different colour gradient in the same colour family...

    Some pics online mislabel ombres as gradients and vice versa, but according to the big blogs that I've read, that ^^ is the correct definition.