Sunday, January 20, 2013

30 Days of French Twist, day 14-Flower Power

Happy Sunday evening to everyone. The weather has been terrible the whole day. Luckily I got some sunnier moments as well. sun/storm/sun/sun/rain/sun.  The darker pictures are done in my self made (terrible for that reason) light box.

  1. Paint nail red
  2. Attach a piece of lace.(if anyone wants I can make a tutorial explaining how to paint lace.)
  3. Paint big white flowers near the tip.
  4. Paint some slightly smaller flowers.
  5. Paint really small flowers scattered all around the nail.
  6. paint black centers. 


  1. Beautiful! It would be a good idea a tutorial about the lace ;-)

    1. I will do the lace tutorial when the French tip challange is over :)

  2. Hey Hun! I was wondering how you would attach the lace or where you even get lace... I've seen it but never thought about trying because I wasn't sure. It's a sexy nail that's for sure ;)

    1. Well.... It's actually mosquito net (looks like lace though). I top coated the red, and while it was wet I simply put the "lace" on top and pressed.