Tuesday, January 29, 2013

30 Days of French Twist, day 23- Striped Rose French

I love anything striped, especially black and white. So I decided to use stripes on a french manicure. The stripes and the yellow were quite boring so I added pink and red roses. And BOOM, that's how this manicure was born.
  1. Paint nail white.
  2. Add yellow half-moons.
  3. Paint stripes on the tip.
  4. Paint pink roses.
  5. Paint red roses.
  6. Top coat+enjoy.


  1. Cute :) I'd just love to ask what nail polish are you using? It looks... I don't know, not polish-like :D :) (for example, the yellow one?)

    1. It's acrylic paint, I didn't have that shade of nail polish. The roses are also done with acrylic paint.