Friday, June 14, 2013

Scary Clown Nails

It is almost summer vacation!!! ALMOST
However, I still have 3 really important exams to do. And, boy, do I hate exams. I can't eat nor sleep and my hands are shaking soo much that I can't drink a cup of coffee without spilling half of if. Now, don't you dare think that I am not studying, just because I took 5 min off to post an old design. 
Which do you like better, the creme or the holographic?
I fell completely in love with the holographic polish. The rainbow glitter-ish effect is awesome. Not much of a fan of the shade though (it's China Glaze - FYI). 


  1. Love it! And the holographic version is the best, for sure! It gives the scary crazy clown a nightmarish dimension! ;)

  2. I like the holographic version (but then again, my favorite holo is FYI).

  3. girl, you are genius!!!!!!!! it's awesome, especially with this holo background! it's so freaky

  4. no more questions *.* I'm stunned now. AMZING!