Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beauty and The Beach Competition

Beauty and the Beach is probably the biggest competition of the season. With a whopping prize of $1500. However with a amazing prize come amazing entries. Also the hardest challenge of the season. But, hey, I'll give it my best shot. If you are interested click here for more information.

I have always liked the idea of surfing. However, the drowning shark filled reality might not be that great :)
I started off with a light and dark orange sponge gradient. Then I painted the tips blue and sponged the waves. Then I painted the surfer, the birds and the board in black. Later I filled them both in with different shades of gray. 

Since when do I have green eyes? 
I am very impressed with this picture, my camera has a habit of making me look as bad as possible. You should have seen the rest of this (gaaaaah). Anyway, I started off with a shimmery green and later circled it with a shimmery yellow. I added black eyeliner, then curled and painted my lashes.

You can't control everything, and your hair was put on your head to remind you of that. That is my one and only rule when it comes to beach hair.
Here is a short and slightly useless tutorial on how I Handle my naturally curly hair on the beach:
Step 1: Wash hair.
Step 2: Allow it to dry naturally. (Don't you even think about piking up a hair drier. If you do You will end up looking like a clown, I mean literally. (Here is an image of what I mean)
Step 3: Straighten it.
Step 4: Tie it up so it won't get curly on the way to the beach.
Step 5: Arrive to the beach, untie hair.
Step 6: Look fabulous for 5 seconds.
Step 7: Boom! Humid sea air.
Step 8: Look like a clown.
Step 9: Hide head under sand, and hope no one notices you.

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