Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dragon Ear Cuff Review

I have wanted this earring since forever. I think it looks absolutely awesome. However I hadn't bought one because I was worried how it will hold up, will it be heavy, do I need a piercing on the top part of my ear (that really should be written that in product information (you don't, by the way)). Since there are no reviews of this earring, I thought I'd post one.

I got the product in both, copper and silver. You get only one earring per color, I got the left one in both. There are stores which sell a pair (nevertheless, I would only wear one at a time). So, I don't know it these are all left or are given out randomly.
The earring didn't weigh much and was comfortable, after getting used to it.
I got a looot of compliments on this earring, people asked if they could take a picture, and where did I buy it. Never before have I realized how extremely uncomfortable it is to have 10 people staring directly at my ear. 

You can buy this earring from here. These are on sale now, so hurry :)


  1. I just made my first order to the bornpretty store! I was worried because they are so inexpensive and they have free shipping, I figured there must be some catch. But after you reviewed a whole bunch of their products, I made an order :)

    I'm still waiting for it to arrive, but maybe in my next order I'll get a dragon earring! My sister would love it.

    1. Great to hear, I really hope you receive your order :)