Sunday, April 28, 2013

Superficially Colorful Laquer-Giggly Review

Today I have a couple of very special polishes to show you. I won these from a nail art competition at Superficially Colorful. She sent me 5 gorgeous mood polishes. The first one up is Giggly.

This is the first indie polish I have ever tried. It is so pretty. When warm it is a glittery barbie pink. And when cold it is a quite dark glittery purple. The polish has a matte or satin finish. In the pictures I am wearing two

coats of Giggly with one coat of top coat. One coat of the polish dried in 1,5 minutes. The polish was too thin for my liking. But it was rather easy to apply. As you can see from my grand and amazing opacity test U+21E8.gif
the polish was quite translucent.

This is the polish when heated.
This is the polish naturally. I love it, it looks like a brush-on gradient.
The polish when cold. You should have seen the pain it took to get this picture. With 40 degrees Celsius 
(140 F) here it was like being constantly flipped of by a bottle of nail polish.

Unfortunately you can't buy these, but hey, I am guessing Jin Jit from Superficially Colorful could be persuaded. 

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