Friday, April 12, 2013

Anti Vegetarian Nail Art

I'm not a vegetarian. I also have nothing against those who are. It's just that they are sooo passionate about it, and they generally like to shove their beliefs in other people's faces. Have you ever invited someone over for dinner without knowing that thay don't eat meat? Probably not, because vegetarians just won't hesitate to tell everyone about it. 
Unfortunately you can barely see the writing on the signs. The signs are (from left to right) vegans are evil, eat meat, I have feelings, I have a heat too, don't be mean to greens, potato. I adore the carrot in the middle, I mean seriously, this is one determined carrot. It looks like it's staring straight through your soul. Imagine sleeping at night and waking up to a carrot in the corner of your room staring at you like that. Well, I for one would start doubting my sanity. Also, see the most awesome anti vegetarian image ever made:


  1. Ha! I love this! I know exactly what you're talking about.
    The carrot is totally bad ass. I also love the passion in the orange's eyes.

  2. hahaha - you so totally made me laugh my lungs out! :D
    I'm not a vegetarian and though I've got nothing agains, I wish the whole shoving their beliefs up others' faces didn't come with the 'job'. Your mani is so cute and I love it! Must say Mr. Potato is also a favourite! ;)

  3. I was a vegetarian once for about a year. worse experience ever, never happening again. Never, ever never!
    Love this manicure, so funny! :D

  4. LOL

    Hi Ria, this wonderful nail art got me out of my silent reader's corner :-)

    I love the fruit's expressions. I bet they taste hellofa sour/bitter :o) these statements remind me of some I first heard al long time ago: "have you ever considered the tragic death of a cucumber? " and "the kitchen of horrors", where onions were chopped and thrown into boiling oil ... alive! Cruel.

    Yes it is a pain in the ...lettuce, these vegetarians with *emmm* strong opinions. But there are others, who you'll possibly not recognise as such because they don't have their convictions on their tongue. (Rather a salad?)

    I love the details like the spots on the orange and you make me want to do some of my long planned fun nail art.

    Greetings from Berlin!


  5. lol! This is so cool! I love the detail you put into your manicures!

  6. this mani is how i found your blog - i love it!

  7. Hahaha this is brilliant! And I say that as an (admittedly thoroughly unopinionated) vegetarian. So very very funny - just look at those expressions!
    You know this carnivore t-shirt? That's how I feel about those pesky vegetables ;)

  8. We eat vegetables because them have no feelings. This post isn't funny at all.

    1. I didn't paint this design to make fun of vegetarians. I actually haven't had any meat in months. But, don't consider myself a vegetarian. I really hope I didn't offend you.