Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Koi Fish Nail Art

This is my entry to a nail art contest held at Lydia's Nail Art.
The theme of the contest is anything that means spring to me.
Generally spring means the melting of ice to me, due to my Estonian nationality. As I have been living in Spain for about a year, I haven't seen snow in ages. But I still remember going to the house of my grandparents, who live right next to a lake. I would sit on the winter-worn (please let that be a existing word) bridge and watch the fish splash in the recently unfrozen lake. Happy to finally be saved worm the freezing winter. It's makes you feel inspired in some way.
So for today's manicure I have chosen to do fish. Well technically the fish I would watch were pikes. Now, those are not good looking fish. So I drifted a bit off theme and did Koi fish instead.
The design was originally black, white and red. I thought it was rather boring so I added a glitter top coat, not realizing it had a jelly base. You should have heard me shriek when I wound out. I do the weirdest shriek when I mess something up, it's not like the usual feminine shriek every girl does. It's like a crow got stuck between something. Anyway, I think the pink, red and black version is awesome as well :)