Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cult nails-Hypnotize Me

I saved the best for the last. This polish is my definite favorite of the cult nail polishes I own. In the picture it's applied on top of a mint green nail polish ("424" by Flomar). It dries in 1,5 minutes. It is thicker than the rest of the polishes and considerably harder to apply. It also can't be worn without a base color. I used two coats for the green and one for the blue. 
But it has the most amazing feature, it turns blue with black base color. So after finding that out I started applying it over every color I own. Unfortunately there weren't any significant changes to the polish. But I am a sucker for everything navy and glittery. Strongly and passionately in love with this polish. It reminds me of "Jacob's Protection" by Essence. The last bottle of which was bought right before my eyes, and I have been searching for it ever since. You can buy this vampy gorgeousness for $12 from here.

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  1. Wow, this is really beautiful. I love the mint green combo <3