Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cult Nails- Coveted

Coveted is a deep green metallic jelly polish with green flakes. It has a wonderful texture like all of the cult nail polishes I have tried, and it's easy to apply. It reminds me of beetles, which is odd since I have never really seen a beetle. It's painted over bare nails. I used 2 coats. One coat of this dried in 2 minutes. A bottle of 15ml can be bought  from the Cult Nails website for $12.

Since I don't know how to review a top coat, I am just going to give you a short description of it here. The top coat is called wicked fast, and that's just what it is. It's insanely fast drying, the polish dried in 35 seconds. I mean it dried completely hard in just 35 sec. I am seriously impressed. It didn't get any bubbles either. The formula is thin but easy to apply. You can buy a 15ml bottle of it for $10.

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