Friday, January 3, 2014

Zodiac Nail Art

Yaay, it's a new year. And I have created a New Year-themed mani using a stamping template from KKCenterHk. I feel I have seen these designs somewhere, are they originally from a Konad template or something? Anyway, the template itself, feels thin and cheap, but I was surprised to learn that it stamped perfectly. And by perfectly, I mean better than Konad or Bundle Monster. Weird. 
I spent waay too much time on doing this. I did a galaxy print in the background, then I added zodiac signs and then added the stamp to the appropriate shape/sign whatever you call that, and then I added a thick coat of gel and kind of ruined it O_O.


  1. So cute. I wish you would do more tutorials since your nails are always so pretty but complicated. I'd especially want to see how you make the background of many of your designs. :)

    1. I'll keep that in mind when I do my next bunch of nail tutorials. And thank you for commenting :)

  2. Sorry my english is not very good but I want to tell you that all your nail arts are amazing !!!! You're exceptionnaly gifted !!