Monday, January 6, 2014

Think Outside The Box- Destroy The Box and Splatter Paint it

This is a review for stamp shaped water decals from Born Pretty Store.
I got a Leonardo da Vinci calendar for Christmas, it's awesome. After hours of staring all the scetches in the calendar, this illegible handwriting water decal immediately made me think on him. So I did a mini black and white copy of one of da Vinci's paintings (it's The Virgin of The Rocks). Since the mani itself is black and white I splatter painted a fun colored background for it. I kind of overdid it, didn't I? O_O
 The website doesn't really give you the measurements (it should). So it's 5,7cm on the longer and 4,4cm on the shorter side. (cm to inch calculator). Anyway, I love these stickers you get so much for $1.99. However for my huge nails one stamp was big enough to cover 5 fingers, so these are more for accent nails. the bend very well leaving no or minimal wrinkling.
I used van Gogh paint for a da Vinci painting, I feel like I have just done a major art crime. Let's just hope da Vinci won't be haunting me any time soon.


  1. I know Leo Da Vinci: his native town is really near mine... In case I can talk with him, don't worry! ;-)
    P.S. Your paint is a masterpiece. Really.

    1. Excellent! That drastically lowers the amount of ghosts wanting to haunt me :)