Sunday, October 6, 2013

Salt Painted Nails Tutorial

So I have finally done a tutorial for this. I would have done one it sooner but, I ran out of matte polish. I had a matte top coat form h&m, it was perfect. It dried so fast and looked so perfect. Every time I go to h&m I buy the matte top coat. I have five of them, only the first one works. The last four have taken ages to dry and dried shiny. Such a shame.
So I got a soft pink matte polish from Born Pretty Store. Gosh, this took ages to dry (6 min). It is completely opaque, which is amazing for a pink polish. Quite easy to apply and smells amaaaazing. So with the help of the tutorial you can have nails that taste and smell sweet (I replaced the salt with powdered sugar).

There are sooo many more cool designs I could do with matte polish, I need to get more of it...

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