Monday, October 28, 2013

Review for 15 Brush Set From KKCenterHk

So; I received this set of 15 brushes from KKCenterHk. I love this kind of sets. They have almost every brush you could possibly need. I already had 2 sets similar to this, one at $2,99 and the other at about $5-8. The set I am reviewing costs $13,50. I've got to say that this set is waaaaay better than the cheaper ones. As someone who buys the cheapest version of everything possible, it pains me to say that the quality of paint brushes shows in the price. The all the brushes are perfectly soft and pointed (at one angle at least). The detail brushes are the textbook definition of perfection. Seriously.
Btw: Use the code "brushmeblush" to get a 10% discount when buying from KKCenterHk.
And to show you these brushes in work I have prepared 4 video tutorials for you.
from left to right: video3, video1, video2, video4.
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  1. You are SO good in painting.... I really love your style.
    Have a nice day!

  2. I have these same brushes and my stuff never comes out looking like yours, haha. Maybe you got the magic set? Orrrrrr just the magic touch, lol.

  3. 13.50 is a pretty good price for a good quality set of brushes! I don't think my nails will ever turn out as beautiful as your though :)