Sunday, August 25, 2013

Multicrome Glitter Nail Polish Review

Gosh, my last post was 10 days ago,  I have been trying to find functioning cameras for a while and testing them, so I have completely forgotten to make any posts. I left my own camera in Spain knowing that my grandfather buys a new camera every three years and the whole place is filled with them. All different sizes and looks, one older than the other. I have like 4 ancient cameras on my nightstand. Surprisingly, not many of them work, or have been lent to someone. So I am left using a pentax k10d that works only when and where it wants to, complete with a SD card that only saves about half of the pictures. Enough of chatting,  time to get to the actual review.
I am reviewing a translucent glitter polish from born pretty store. See here.
The polish has a gorgeous multicrome shine. Would make a simple french mani angelic. The polish smelt quite cheap, but preformed well, the brush was a bit fanned out which I didn't like. It dried in 4,5 min.

Shiny shiny polish
You can buy this polish for 7.99 from here.


  1. I like the look of this! It looks fairly similar to a Golden Rose flakie that I just picked up, although the particles are smaller.

  2. Really beautiful one... I LOVE flakes.
    And this one seems really special. Thank you for sharing!