Thursday, August 1, 2013

Geisha Nail Art

It amazes me how much did the guest bloggers write. I newer know what to write, to me the perfect post would be the picture and title. Or maybe text if I am explaining a technique. Speaking of techniques, a few days ago I asked you what you thought about the salt painted nails. I got a lot of positive answers, and I'd love to do a tutorial on it. But unfortunately (fortunately for me) I am on vacation and I can't make a tutorial here. So, that would have to wait.
These one nail designs are really growing on me. Kind of like a nail painting. Sounds fancy doesn't it :)


  1. They're surely growing on my too! This is amazing! Love how the red around the eyes gives the geisha a rather gloomy feel! Almost like those Japanese horror ghosts - your nail art is superb, girl! :)

  2. I absolutely agree with Mina... this is a masterpiece.
    I am curious to see the other nails now! ^_^
    I am back from my vacations, hope you are enjoining yours!