Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Angel Nails

Thanks for my new found bravery towards trying new things, I have decided to enter an gel nail art competition. The competition is hosted by Gel II by Milena Productions. You can find it here.
I have never tried gel before, but the prizes are amazing so I decided to take a risk and buy the gel polish.
The first prize is $1000 cash + 1 led light + 10 Gel II Colors. Now that's the most amazing prize I have ever seen. I swear if I win this I will do 30 nail art tutorials only using Gel II. And walk through every salon within 10 km of my house and advertise the Gel there :)

The gel itself was unbelievably easy to use. I (like always) was prepared for the worse. The web page says that the gel dries within 60 seconds, I took me about 120. Probably because my LED light is the cheapest you can find. Otherwise it is everything the page advertises it to be. 

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