Sunday, June 29, 2014

Singing Their Hearts Out

Loook at the cute singing froggies!! :)
This design features silver nail stickers from Born Pretty Store.

This is it. My my last post and review. after 168 posts and 2 years I bid farewell to all of my 341 followers. I can't believe I still have regular viewers. I love you guys, I really really do, each and every one of you, who have been with me during all of this time, it has truly been an amazing journey. Maybe one day I will continue writing this blog ans get back my passion for nails, or maybe make this an art blog (as is still adore painting)
But for now,


  1. No, please don't leave this place ;(
    I love all of yours designs, you are my nail art GURU ;(
    Oh my God, I am so sad now :(

  2. I'm sure I'll miss you so much!
    Thank you for this so cute froggie-goodbye... and I wish you ALL the best for your life ^_^

  3. I'd love to see your paintings! Your nail art was always so original and detailed!