Monday, February 3, 2014

3D Rubber Ducky Nails

This is like the first post I've done in like half a month. Yeah, yeah, I'll burn in nail blogger hell. But like I've said I have been filling out a sketchbook. It is AWESOME. I haven't been so hooked on painting in ages.
There are just so many techniques and materials and ideas, and sooo little time. I mean I started painting on nails, paper is like a whole new world for me. I see all these nail artists that have like ten years of experience painting or graphic design or whatever, meanwhile I was still eating paste ten years ago. So i'm having kind of a experience gap that I'm trying to fill, and I don't plan to post more that three two times a month in the near future. Sorry. Please don't unfollow me :).
Anyway here is a cute little rubber ducky.


  1. Don't worry.... I'll follow you also if you will post once in a year.
    One condition: as soon as you feel confident, pls share your works on paper... I'm sure they are gorgeous. :-)

  2. That duckie is unbelievably adorable. :)