Friday, December 20, 2013

Tattooed Tips

Sorry for the recent lack of contents on brush me blush. I have had a lot of exams this past month. I have barely had time to post an old design, and definitely not enough to paint one. As the holidays are beginning, I hope to post more new nail art.
Have you ever heard of MoYou? It's only the most awesome company to ever produce stamping templates!
I personally am absolutely over the fence about these, they are very creative and the full designs have a length of 2 cm, that is like the only thing that can fully cover my gigantic nails. I went absolutely shopaholic and got myself like 16 of these. The only thing I don't like about these is the price, at £4.99 (€5,85/ $8,15)
these exceed the €5 per product limit I have put for myself. But, it's Christmas and these are so worth it.
Oh, and they are holding a pinterest competition right now. And I have no idea how to upload my design to their page. Does anyone know?


  1. Yes you have to ask on that board if they will admit you. When they do you can upload you're photo
    Love those nails

  2. I wrote to Santa asking for some Mo-You....
    Btw.... your nail art is -as usual- amazing! ^_^