Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cyber Gothic Nail Art

I really suck at this posting thing. I have been doing acrylic nails like a madman for the last few days, the only reason I am taking time off and doing a blog post is that I have an acrylic brush stuck on the bottom of my dappen dish. You know how they say you should leave the brush in monomer for the night if it is too hard to use. Well like I told you, that didn't end too well. Anyone have any ideas?
Getting back on topic, here's the design


  1. That sucks about your brush. Do you have any brush cleaner? You could soak it in acetone too but I hate doing that because I feel like it shortens the life of my brushes. This mani is awesome!!!!

  2. So beautiful nail art (as usual!)... I am really sorry for your brush, but I never experienced something similar, so I can't help.
    Hope you can have a nice weekend!