Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Born Pretty Water Decal Review

I have been experimenting with some water decals from Born Pretty Store.
This is the design 188 Used on top of a french tip. This is the only one of the decals that I actual used as a french (like it was meant to be used).

 This is the design D189. It looks like a chessboard on LSD. This is my personal favorite. The design wasn't actually big enough to cover the whole nail so  some part of it is hand painted. Don't you dare criticise my sloppy lines, how about you try painting 2 millimeter squares.
This is the design D190. I have Just found out that I have a mode on my camera which detects glitter and automatically makes these star shaped thingies. One of the most useless functions on my camera but works great for this design.
This is the design D191. I really love this. The gold looks amazing and the gradient goes really well with the design.

Overall I was very pleased with these designs. They were really easy yo use. And they make nail art soooo much easier. I think I finished fourth design in 20 min. I kind of went with my instincts with the application but here is a short guide to waterdecaling (yes, that is a word now).

  1. Paint your nails any color and wait until completely dry.
  2. Cut out the desired design. (For the french tip I actually only used half of a decal per nail).
  3. Remove plastic from the decal.
  4. Soak the decal with the paper in water for about 20 sec.
  5. Slide the decal of with your finger and place on a nail. (you may also use tweezers for this, but I found my fingers easier to use.)
  6. Top coat+enjoy.
You can buy the decals form here. And don't forget about my cupon code  SCL91 wich will give you a 10% discount.

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